Update: 12th June 2021

At this time there is a lot of media focus on what will be decided by the Government on Monday. The Covid guidance clearly identifies that Music and Fizz was and is ‘Good to Go’ from Stage 3 of the easing of restrictions on May 17th, and does not need the lifting of restrictions, scheduled for June 21st.

Music and Fizz has plenty of space for people to be able to spread out. The event is about raising money for 2 worthy charities that do a lot of good. We have seen a reduction in ticket sales over the past week.

The arena and stage area are at the top of a hill and there will be a breeze that will provide a constant supply of fresh air. The demographics of the likely attending would suggest that those attending will have received one, if not both their Jabs.

IF you are still debating whether to buy tickets or to ‘sit on the fence’ or buy closer to the event, we would ask that you purchase tickets in advance and help ‘build’ a positive atmosphere and have the anticipation of the event. For us this will ease some anxiety in these last 2 weeks. Whether you attend or not, the ‘needs’ of the charities remain the same, by attending your ticket purchase will directly provide them with support.

Thank you

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